HAZYVISION is a new endeavor fashion and music photographer Eva Mueller. Aside from her figurative work she has been shooting these abstract images, based on motion and light, but also empty spaces and cityscapes. All of the work featured here was shot being in Transit, whether it’s a landscape flying by a train window, clouds from an airplane or tarmacs of various airports before take-off and after landing.
Because of their minimal approach, HAZYVISION images are a perfect complement for modern interiors. They can be hung on the wall as photographic prints or as light boxes, incorporated into the architecture as room dividers when printed onto glass or acrylic, as well as woven into carpets.
Eva Mueller lives and works in New York when she is not in Transit.
Her “other” work can be seen at www.evamueller.comhttp://www.evamueller.comshapeimage_1_link_0